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Coaching Services

Most life coaching is done through individual sessions, either in person if you live in the greater Port Townsend area or by telephone if you are geographically distant.  For in person sessions, we will either meet in my office, or I enjoy meeting at a park or beach, and walking and talking as we go.  For telephone sessions, we set up a time and you are responsible for calling in for the session. I provide unlimited email contact in all my coaching packages.

The time needed for coaching varies by person.  If you are well on your way in the transition process, and need to focus on achieving goals, good progress can be made in a short time.  If you are early in the transition to your ideal life, than accomplishing all the steps on your path may take a little longer.  I find that a commitment of at least three months is a good start, as it honors your willingness to making lasting changes in your life.

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Individual Sessions


The Seeing Stars Package 

  • 1 Month Program

  • 3 - 45 Minute Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Support


The Reach for the Moon Package

  • 2 Month Program

  • 6 – 45 Minute Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Support


The Jupiter and Beyond Package

  • 3 Month Program

  • 9 – 45 Minute Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Support


"Looking at the stars always makes me dream...

Vincent Van Gogh

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