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How it Works

Life Coaching is not a form of counseling.  Life Coaching is a collaborative process between me and my clients.  I coach based on the idea that we all have an essential self that we are born with.  Overtime, a lot of who we are essentially is taken over by our social self, the part of us who is trained to behave or believe in a certain way.  What happens when I coach using the North Star method is that you are able to make peace with these two selves, and begin to live your most authentic life.  Since you are reading this, you are already on this path and looking for answers.  Once we begin coaching, I find most people go through four stages of transition.

The Four Stages of Transition

There are four stages you go through in making a lasting transition in life. You may be in any one of those stages right now.

  • If you are feeling lost and confused and have no idea where you are going then you are in the first stage of change. I will assist you in working through that fog of feelings, and find the first glimmer of the journey you are about to embark on.

  • If you are in the second stage of a transition, you might find that you have so many ideas bouncing around in your brain, that one minute you might want to sail around the world, and the next you might want to quit your job, and write your first novel. This can be extremely exciting, but can get a little tiring after a while. I will work with you to examine each idea, and find those that are the most true for you.

  • During the third stage of the journey, you probably have an idea what it is you want to do. You have decided to go for it and are ready to begin to create the life you were meant to have. Unfortunately, this can seem overwhelming, and you are probably wondering, "How do I get there from here?" I will help you refine your goals and figure out the steps to move towards your best life. During the process, we will ask for accountability to keep you on track.

  • If you are in the fourth stage of change, you have made the changes you need and are living a wonderful life. At this point here is nothing we can do for you. Enjoy it, there are always new transitions in life, and when you get back to stage one, give us a call.



"I subscribe to the admittedly romantic belief that each person has a 'right life', a journey through this world that will bring him or her the most possible joy and fulfillment. As a life coach, my mission is to help people along the journey."

Martha Beck, PhD



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