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A 12-Session Psychoeducational


Shame-Resilience Curriculum


During the 12 weeks between September 20, 2012 and December 13, 2012 we will meet to change your (and my) life.  How you ask? By learning and practicing three very important strategies. 



Cultivating the courage to be emotionally honest, to set boundaries, and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable

Exercising the c0mpassion that comes from knowing that we are all made of strength and struggle and are connected to each other through a loving and resilient human spirit

Nurturing the connection and sense of belonging that can only happen when we let go of what we are supposed to be and embrace who we are


Love and Belonging

Developing an internal sense of belonging rather than externally searching for acceptance and approval

Understanding why trying to "fit in" and "be cool" doesn't help us meet our human need to belong but actually gets in the way

Accepting that we are worthy of love just as we are and allowing ourselves to be deeply seen and known

Loving the ordinary and imperfect parts of ourselves and our lives

Practicing forgiveness and self-compassion


A Resilient Spirit

Telling our stories

Practicing hope and gratitude

Embracing vulnerability

Thinking critically

Honoring faith and intuition

Valuing perseverance and rest

Holding joy and laughter sacred

This curriculum was created by the amazing Brene Brown.   I have worked hard to do the work on myself so that I can truly share it with others.  I have led two in person groups and am excited to lead this virtual group!


What you bring to this group:  Your willingness to be present, to be vulnerable, to be yourself, and your commitment to your own self care and to the group needs by honoring others paths and realities


Your cost:  $199.00 for all twelve weeks


Pay by credit card or paypal account below:



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"Dreams are renewable. No matter what age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."

Dr. Dale Turner


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